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Tantric massage is a relatively new phenomenon that is becoming increasingly popular although, with the exception of a few cosmopolitan locations, it is probably difficult to find a tantric massage therapist. This is why we have fully qualified practitioners to give you a top-quality massage.

Tantric massage links our heart to the Divine while erotic massage connects us to our mental side and our fantasies.


Practising tantrism considerably helps in improving self-image, finding the Divine in oneself and developing a magnetic personality

Tantra is based on the principle according to which the passive male consciousness is empowered only through active female energy. It is a question of bringing together the masculine and feminine sides of ourselves to create a harmonious identity based not on preconceived ideas but on our feelings, our experience and our deepest aspirations. Tantra is the union of two syllables bearing the meaning of consciousness and freedom. Tantra considers that the Universe is governed by two principles, Consciousness and Energy and its goal is to bring them together in the individual.


Tantrism is as much for single people, men or women, as it is for couples because, above all else, it helps to restore self-confidence, joie de vivre and connect with the energy of Mother Earth, the Source of all life. It orchestrates loving rituals and spices up your sex life.

Tantrism helps us to discover the essence of sensuality and seduce our partner once again by establishing respect and complicity, confront the stresses of life with greater serenity, maintain all the body’s functional systems in good health, recharge with vital energy, be more focussed and listen more attentively to others. Its aim is to help us take full advantage of a life without barriers or prejudice. This experience is intended for men and women alike because the aim is to bring together our masculine and feminine sides, Yin and Yang, our connection to the Earth associated with Heaven. Tantra is the path that gives human beings the possibility to establish a contact with the Divine.


Tantra is the path of the Heart. It helps to improve relationships and interaction with the body, soul and emotions in order to develop sensitivity, affection, physical awareness and levels of consciousness.

When practising tantrism, there is no distance between feminine and masculine, physical and spiritual. Tantrism helps us change our perceptions, rediscover self-confidence and release the very essence of Life.


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